Partial Dentures

For those who need to replace a few teeth

Partial Dentures are worn by people who still have some of their natural teeth remaining and need to replace a few missing teeth. Partial Dentures are supported by the natural remaining teeth and gums and are removable.

We are able to provide four different types of partial dentures to suit your individual needs. They are Acrylic, Valplast (Flexible), Chrome and Titanium. The shade and shape of your natural teeth are matched to ensure the artificial teeth on your partial denture blend inconspicuously with your natural teeth.They look and feel natural and play an important role by stopping your healthy teeth from shifting positions and tilting into the gaps left behind by tooth loss.

Partial Denture Types

Acrylic Partial denture
Acrylic dentures consist of the denture teeth being attached to an acrylic material base plate..
They usually have metal clasps holding the denture in place around other teeth .
They are a cost effective option.
Metal Partial Denture
cobalt chrome framework is designed and cast to fit the teeth highly stable and retentive extremely strong
Flexible Partial Denture
Thermo-plastics are a versatile material often used for flexible removable partial dentures, as it is stronger, more flexible, Highly aesthetic & natural looking.

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